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Empower your purchase with knowledge, from clarity scales to diamond certification and light performance.

The Four C's

Learn the basics about lab grown diamonds by understanding the 4C's. Cut, color, clarity and carat.

Diamond Cut

With so many different diamond cuts available it can be confusing, here we explain them all.

Lab Diamond Certification

Learn about lab diamond certification and why it's must when purchasing.

Lab Diamond Performance

Understand how diamond cut affects the appearance & price of lab diamonds.

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GIA Certification

Explore GIA lab diamonds: Learn about their certification process, and benefits.

HPHT vs CVD Lab Diamonds

HPHT vs CVD Diamonds

Explore HPHT and CVD lab-grown diamonds: Compare quality, pricing, and sustainability.

IGI vs GIA Diamonds

Explore IGI vs GIA lab diamonds: Compare certification standards, benefits, and find the best retailers.

Diamond Clarity

Discover the ideal lab diamond clarity to pick before your purchase.

IGI Diamond Certification

IGI Diamond Certification

Explore IGI Certification: their standards, benefits, and find the best retailers.

Diamond Size

Discover the perfect diamond size for your style and finger type with our comprehensive guide.


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