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Rare Carat is a well-known online diamond marketplace that has recently shifted from being a price aggregator to a full-fledged marketplace. This change aims to provide a more comprehensive buying experience for customers seeking lab-grown diamonds. In this review, we will evaluate Rare Carat’s diamond selection, pricing, quality, customer service, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Quick Recommendation

Rare Carat has made significant strides in the online diamond market by expanding its offerings. They provide a broad selection of diamonds and competitive prices. However, their transition has also introduced some challenges. The quality of diamond videos can be inconsistent, making it difficult to assess diamonds accurately. Additionally, while customer support is generally good, the lack of consistent quality control can be a drawback. For a more reliable purchasing experience, consider trusted retailers such as Whiteflash, James Allen, Brilliant Earth, or Blue Nile.

Understanding diamond cut and light performance is crucial for choosing a brilliant diamond. The cut directly impacts how well a diamond reflects light, affecting its sparkle and overall beauty. To learn more about how diamond cut influences light performance, explore my detailed guides on Diamond Cut and Light Performance Images. These resources will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect diamond.

Company Overview

History and Background of Rare Carat

Initially, Rare Carat operated as a price aggregator, gathering information and diamond feeds from various online retailers. This model allowed customers to compare diamonds from multiple brands like With Clarity, Friendly Diamonds, Do Amore, Lovbe, and other small retailers all in one place.

In 2022, Rare Carat transformed its business model into a marketplace that manages everything from payment processing to logistics, customer service, and shipping. Now, customers purchase diamonds directly from Rare Carat, with the previous retailers becoming wholesalers supplying diamonds to them. Additionally, Rare Carat offers personalized and efficient ring design services, featuring styles such as three stone, solitaire, and hidden halo engagement rings.

Mission and Vision of the Company

Rare Carat aims to simplify the diamond buying process, making it transparent and accessible for everyone. Their vision is to be a trusted partner in helping customers find the perfect diamond by providing high-quality products and exceptional service.

Unique Selling Points of Rare Carat

  • Comprehensive Marketplace: By transitioning to a marketplace, Rare Carat offers a seamless shopping experience where they handle all aspects of the purchase.
  • Wide Selection: They provide an extensive range of lab-grown diamonds and various ring styles to cater to different preferences.
  • Personalized Service: Rare Carat offers custom ring design services to help customers create unique and meaningful engagement rings.
  • Customer Support: They provide efficient and reliable customer service to assist with any inquiries or issues during the buying process.

Rare Carat stands out for its commitment to making the diamond buying journey as easy and enjoyable as possible for its customers.

Diamond Selection

Rare Carat offers an extensive selection of diamonds, with 163,232 options for E to D color and VVS2 to FL clarity. However, this vast inventory presents several challenges:

  • Inconsistent Quality: The quality of diamonds varies significantly, making it difficult to find consistently high-quality options.
  • Inconsistent Images and Videos: The lack of uniformity in diamond images and videos hampers accurate comparison.
  • No Light Performance Images: The absence of light performance images makes it harder to assess a diamond’s brilliance.
  • Complex Navigation: While Rare Carat provides detailed information, customers need a good understanding of diamond measurements to secure the best deals.

Overall, while there are some good diamonds available, the inconsistent quality and lack of light performance images make it challenging to make an informed purchase.

Pricing and Value

Rare Carat offers competitive pricing for lab-grown diamonds. For example, a 1.09-carat D VVS2 Rare Carat Ideal cut diamond is priced at $1,135.

1.09-carat D VVS2 Rare Carat Ideal Cut Round Lab-Grown Diamond

1.09-carat D VVS2 Ideal Cut Round Lab-Grown Diamond from Rare Carat

However, this diamond from Whiteflash offers better cut quality at $971. For those seeking the highest quality, Whiteflash also offers a 1.02-carat D VVS2 diamond with exceptional cut for a bit more.

1.02 ct D VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond from Whiteflash

1.02 ct D VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond from Whiteflash

Comparatively, a similar diamond from Brilliant Earth is more expensive and lacks the cut quality of Whiteflash diamonds. While Rare Carat provides competitive prices, buyers may need to invest a bit more for superior cut quality from other retailers.

1.09-carat D VVS2 Round Lab-Grown Diamond from Brilliant Earth

1.09-carat D VVS2 Round Lab-Grown Diamond from Brilliant Earth

Curious about the differences between HPHT and CVD lab diamonds? Understanding these two methods can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your diamond. Learn about the pros and cons of each process, and how they impact the quality and characteristics of the diamonds. Check out my detailed guide on HPHT vs CVD Lab Diamonds to get all the information you need.

Quality and Certification

Rare Carat provides GIA reports for natural diamonds and IGI and GCAL reports for lab-grown diamonds, which is commendable and assures quality. However, they do not offer GIA-certified lab diamonds, which could be a drawback for some buyers.

While certifications are essential, they don’t tell the whole story. Rare Carat’s diamond videos are basic and under inconsistent lighting, making it challenging to see potential flaws. They lack high-quality images and light performance videos that help in evaluating diamonds thoroughly.

The site has a massive selection, but it can feel overwhelming. You may need to sift through many lower-quality options to find the true gems, akin to searching through a discount clothing store. This can be time-consuming and requires a keen eye for diamond measurements and details.

Other Rare Carat Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews for Rare Carat are a mix of positive and negative experiences. Here’s a closer look at some recent feedback:

Reddit Reviews:

  • An older review discusses the legitimacy of Rare Carat, with mostly positive feedback from users Read more.
  • A more recent review details a negative experience with ring quality and customer service. The user reported loose prongs and poor response from the support team, leading to regret about their purchase Read more.

Trustpilot Reviews:

  • Rare Carat has a generally good rating on Trustpilot, but some users have complained about a rigid return policy and inconsistent quality. It’s important to read through these reviews to understand potential issues before purchasing Read more.

While many customers have had positive experiences, it is crucial to be aware of these concerns and review the return policies carefully before making a purchase.

Return Policy and Warranty

Rare Carat offers a comprehensive return policy and warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. Here’s a breakdown:

Return Policy:

  • 30-Day Returns: Customers can return their purchases within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Conditions: The returned items must be in their original condition without any damage or alterations.
  • Shipping: Rare Carat covers the return shipping costs, making the process hassle-free for customers.


  • Manufacturer’s Defect: All products are covered for any manufacturing defects.
  • Coverage: This warranty does not cover damage due to wear and tear or mishandling.
  • Resizing: Customers can resize their rings at no cost within 90 days of receiving the order.

For more detailed information, you can visit their education page.


Rare Carat offers a wide selection of diamonds at competitive prices. While they provide great value, especially compared to Brilliant Earth, finding high-quality diamonds requires careful searching. The lack of consistent quality and detailed images can be a drawback. For the best quality, Whiteflash remains superior. However, for lower-end diamonds, Rare Carat is a good option. Before making a purchase, it’s wise to compare options with James Allen and Blue Nile to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Rare Carat Review

Name: Rare Carat

Description: Rare Carat is an online diamond marketplace that offers a wide selection of lab-grown and natural diamonds. Initially a price aggregator, it has transitioned into a full-service marketplace.

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