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In the competitive world of gemstones, lab-created diamonds have emerged as a compelling alternative, offering both affordability and an ethical edge over traditional mined diamonds. With Clarity specializes in these lab-grown beauties, catering to a modern audience that values sustainability alongside luxury. This review will thoroughly examine With Clarity’s offerings, focusing on the quality of their diamonds, the diversity of settings, customer service, and the overall shopping experience.

Quick Verdict: With Clarity stands out for its extensive selection of lab-created diamonds and moissanites, catering well to consumers who are budget-conscious yet still seeking sustainable luxury. They do not specialize in natural diamonds, focusing their expertise on lab-grown options. For those seeking top-tier gemstones, consider looking at Whiteflash or Brilliant Earth for higher quality alternatives. Nevertheless, the guidance provided in this review will assist you in navigating your options with With Clarity, helping you make an educated choice based on your specific preferences and budget.

Join me as I delve into the details of what With Clarity has to offer, ensuring you have all the information needed to decide if they meet your jewelry buying needs.

About With Clarity

Founded on the personal experiences of Anubh Shah and Slisha Kankariya during their own engagement ring search, With Clarity was born out of a need for a more transparent and personalized approach to buying engagement rings. The couple’s journey revealed a gap in the market for a service that combined the depth of in-person shopping with the convenience and innovation of online browsing. This led them to establish With Clarity, grounded in the principles of transparency, quality without high markups, and customer-centered service.

Portrait of a smiling man and woman standing together, with the man in a blue shirt and the woman in a cream blouse.

Founders of With Clarity, Anubh Shah and Slisha Kankariya.

Today, With Clarity has risen rapidly to become the fastest-growing engagement ring company in the United States. Operating out of Manhattan, they craft each ring locally with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring nothing short of love for every piece that leaves their office. With a firm commitment to ethical sourcing, With Clarity offers both lab-grown and natural earth-mined diamonds, each accompanied by certifications from reputable organizations like GIA or IGI.

Unique to With Clarity is their Home Preview program, which allows customers to try on up to two custom replica rings at home, marrying the tactile reassurance of traditional shopping with the flexibility and safety of online purchasing. This initiative reflects With Clarity’s dedication to providing a stress-free shopping experience that is as deliberate and unique as the love stories it aims to celebrate.

By focusing on compassionate technology and expert craftsmanship, With Clarity not only crafts exceptional jewelry but also fosters confidence and joy in their customers, making engagement ring shopping a truly memorable and personalized journey.

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Quality of Diamonds at With Clarity

With Clarity boasts a diverse selection of both natural and lab-grown diamonds, accommodating a range of preferences and ethical considerations. With over 10,000 certified diamonds to choose from, customers can find gems that align with various styles and budgets. Each diamond is certified by renowned institutions such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute), which reassures buyers of the authenticity and quality of their purchase.

Screenshot of the With Clarity diamond selection webpage showing a graphic representation of a 2.0-carat round diamond, with details for customization.

With Clarity’s online customization page displaying options for a 2.0-carat round diamond, with a notation that the image is for representation purposes, indicating that images of the actual diamond are not provided, which could be a point of concern for buyers.

Despite the comprehensive range and the high standards of certification, there are areas where With Clarity could enhance their offering. Notably, the company does not provide high-definition videos or detailed light performance data online, which are crucial for assessing the visual characteristics and brilliance of diamonds remotely. Prospective buyers might need to conduct additional research or request more information to fully evaluate the diamonds’ aesthetics.

Additionally, while With Clarity offers good-quality diamonds, they do not specialize in top-end hearts and arrows diamonds, which are known for their superior cut and exceptional light performance. This might be a consideration for customers seeking the absolute best in diamond precision and sparkle.

Price-wise, With Clarity offers competitive rates that make both lab-grown and natural diamonds accessible to a broader audience. However, discerning buyers looking for the pinnacle of diamond quality might find that, despite the decent pricing and extensive selection, the highest-grade diamonds in terms of cut and clarity are not as prevalent.

With Clarity provides a valuable service for those interested in both lab-created and natural diamonds, backed by reliable certifications. However, for customers whose priority is acquiring a diamond with the highest visual perfection, further exploration into specialized retailers might be advisable.

Range of Settings and Styles at With Clarity

With Clarity offers a versatile selection of engagement ring settings and styles, catering to a variety of personal tastes and design preferences. Customers can choose to either build their own ring or select from preset options, which provides a convenient starting point for those looking to streamline their shopping experience.

Screenshot of the With Clarity website showcasing the Slender Vine Six Prong Engagement Ring with an illustrated oval-cut diamond in 14KT white gold.

The Slender Vine Six Prong Engagement Ring presented on With Clarity, featuring a detailed view of the setting in 14KT white gold designed for an oval-cut diamond, emphasizing elegance and craftsmanship.

The “Build Your Own” feature is particularly notable, allowing individuals to select their preferred diamond and pairing it with a setting of their choice, ensuring a personalized touch to their engagement ring. This option grants the buyer complete control over the design process, from the selection of the gemstone to the final setting style, making it a popular choice for those seeking a bespoke engagement experience.

While the preset ring options offer convenience and quicker decision-making, they do present some limitations. The selection here tends to be more restricted, and the quality of these ready-made rings can vary. Typically, these preset designs do not feature offerings from notable designers, which might be a drawback for buyers seeking high-profile brand names.

Despite the lack of designer collections, With Clarity does maintain a decent assortment of styles, including classic, modern, and vintage-inspired designs. This ensures that most shoppers can find something that meets their aesthetic preferences and personal style.

For those exploring engagement ring options, it’s recommended to lean towards the “Build Your Own” route at With Clarity for a more tailored experience and potentially higher quality outcomes.

Website Usability of With Clarity

With Clarity’s website stands out for its clean design and user-friendly interface, which provides a seamless shopping experience for customers looking for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. The site’s modern aesthetic and intuitive navigation make it easy for users to explore various sections, from browsing diamond options to customizing engagement rings.

The website also features a straightforward layout that efficiently guides users through the process of building their own ring or selecting a preset design. This ease of use is complemented by responsive customer service options, visible and accessible throughout the site, ensuring that help is readily available whenever needed.

However, there are areas where the website could be enhanced. The educational section, while helpful, is somewhat limited compared to other leading jewelry websites. It offers basic information that can aid first-time buyers but lacks depth in topics that could further assist customers in making more informed decisions, such as detailed guides on diamond cuts, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Additionally, as previously noted, the quality of images and videos showcasing the diamonds is basic. While the visuals are clear and professional, they do not include high-definition videos or advanced imaging technologies, which could significantly enhance the online diamond selection process by providing more detailed visualizations of the products.

Overall, With Clarity’s website is well-suited for consumers who appreciate a straightforward, hassle-free shopping experience. Its modern design and functionality make it easy to navigate, but enhancing the educational content and improving the visual presentation of their diamonds could elevate the user experience to an even higher standard.

Want alternatives? For budget-conscious shoppers, Blue Nile and James Allen offer great value with a wide selection of diamonds. If you’re aiming for higher quality, consider Whiteflash for their premium craftsmanship and detailed gem information.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials for With Clarity

Customer feedback for With Clarity reveals a mixed landscape of experiences, reflected across various review platforms. On Trustpilot, With Clarity holds an overall rating of 3.2 stars, with reviews painting a picture of contrasting satisfaction levels. Approximately 25% of the reviews rate the service as 1 star, with an equal percentage giving it 2 stars. Common criticisms in these lower-rated reviews include issues with customer service responsiveness and perceived gaps in the quality of the products.

A screenshot of a Trustpilot review by a customer named Dave Reisen, expressing dissatisfaction with their engagement ring order from With Clarity.

A negative customer review on Trustpilot for With Clarity, detailing the customer’s disappointing experience with the brand’s service, product presentation, and shipping issues.

The discussion around With Clarity on Reddit provides a more evenly divided perspective, with users expressing a range of experiences from satisfaction to disappointment. This platform offers potential buyers a candid look at the varied customer experiences and can be a valuable resource for those trying to gauge the reliability and quality of With Clarity.

On Yelp, the reviews are generally more favorable, which might indicate a discrepancy in customer experiences across different contexts or perhaps differences in expectations. However, there are notable instances of 1-star reviews that echo the concerns found on other sites, particularly regarding customer service and product expectations.

While the diverse range of feedback highlights some areas of concern, it also suggests that experiences can vary widely. Potential customers might find it useful to consider these varied opinions to better prepare for their own engagement with With Clarity, ensuring they go in with a clear understanding of both the potential highs and the possible lows of the service.

Final Verdict on With Clarity

With Clarity offers a compelling selection of lab-created and natural diamonds that cater to a range of tastes and budgets. Their focus on ethical sourcing and innovative technologies like 3D-printing for custom engagement rings presents a thoughtful approach to modern jewelry shopping. The ability to build your own ring provides a personalized shopping experience that many customers will appreciate.

However, it is evident from the analysis and customer feedback that With Clarity may not consistently meet the expectations of all customers, particularly in areas like customer service and the quality of preset diamond options. The educational content and diamond imagery on the website, while sufficient, do not match the comprehensive resources and high-definition visuals provided by some other retailers.

For those looking at options in the lower price and quality spectrum, James Allen and Blue Nile likely offer a broader range of choices that might better meet budgetary and style needs. On the other end of the spectrum, for buyers prioritizing top-quality diamonds and exquisite craftsmanship, Whiteflash stands out as a premium provider known for their exceptional cut quality and high-end diamonds.

While With Clarity has its strengths, particularly in customization and ethical practices, there are alternative options available that might better suit different needs and preferences in terms of pricing, variety, and overall quality.

With Clarity Review

Name: With Clarity

Description: With Clarity is an online jewelry retailer known for customizable engagement rings and ethically sourced diamonds, offering a home try-on experience and a focus on customer education around the 4Cs of diamond quality.

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