Where to Buy Lab Diamonds

by Tom Thornbridge

In recent years, lab-grown diamonds have taken the jewelry world by storm. Offering an ethical and environmentally-friendly alternative to mined diamonds, these gems combine modern technology with timeless beauty. As their popularity soars, so does the number of vendors offering them. But where should one turn for the best in quality and service? Let’s delve into the top places to buy loose lab diamonds.

1. Whiteflash: Precision Lab Excellence

Whiteflash stands at the forefront of the lab diamond revolution. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, they’ve introduced their “Precision Lab Diamonds” to cater to discerning customers. 

What sets Whiteflash apart is not just their impeccable diamonds but also their dedication to providing comprehensive information. With their light performance images and detailed IGI certifications, buyers can truly understand the beauty and quality of their chosen gem. Coupled with stellar customer service, Whiteflash ensures a buying experience as brilliant as their diamonds.

1.03 ct D VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond

Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown Diamond

2. Brilliant Earth: Beyond the Traditional

Brilliant Earth has always been synonymous with sustainability and ethics, and their lab diamond collection is no exception.

1.27 Carat Round Lab Created Diamond

1.27 Carat Round Lab Created Diamond from Brilliant Earth

While they offer a stunning range of traditional clear diamonds, it’s their colored lab diamonds that truly dazzle. From blues to yellows, these vibrant gems offer a unique twist on the classic diamond. Every purchase is backed by IGI certifications and Brilliant Earth’s commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility, ensuring that your gem is as pure in origin as it is in sparkle.2.02ct fancy intense pink round lab created diamond

3. James Allen: A Pioneer in Online Diamond Retail

James Allen has long been a trusted name in the diamond industry, and their foray into lab diamonds only cements their reputation further. Their vast collection of lab diamonds, all accompanied by IGI certifications, offers buyers a plethora of choices. The user-friendly online platform, complete with HD videos and a 360-degree view feature, ensures that customers can inspect and appreciate every facet of their chosen diamond, making the online buying experience almost tactile.

James Allen Lab Diamond

IGI Lab-Created 1.02 Carat Round Diamond from James Allen

4. Blue Nile: A Trusted Name in Diamond Retail

Blue Nile, a stalwart in the diamond market, has embraced the lab diamond trend with their characteristic commitment to quality. Their vast selection of lab diamonds caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets. However, it’s worth noting that Blue Nile’s lab diamonds come with GIA certifications. While GIA is a respected name in natural diamond grading, their approach to lab diamonds is still evolving, making it essential for buyers to do their due diligence.

GIA Certified Blue Nile Lab-Created Round Diamond

Why Choosing the Right Vendor Matters

In the world of lab diamonds, not all vendors are created equal. The value of certifications, especially from institutions like IGI, cannot be overstated. Additionally, visual tools that allow buyers to truly understand their diamond’s light performance and quality are invaluable. Choosing a reputable vendor ensures not just a beautiful diamond but also peace of mind.


The allure of lab-grown diamonds is undeniable. As technology advances and our commitment to ethical choices grows, these gems offer the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Whether you’re drawn to the precision of Whiteflash, the vastness of James Allen, the vibrancy of Brilliant Earth, or the reliability of Blue Nile, ensure that your choice aligns with your values and desires. After all, every diamond has a story, and with the right vendor, yours can be one of brilliance and integrity.

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